Artist Statement
I create high quality works in all scales, perfected by over a decade of experience, that appeal to modern people and at honest rates.
The advent of Crypto-Art now allows my clients exclusive ownership of the original Phat2 standard.
My complete 2009-2020 collection is gradually being released for purchase in rare and unique NFT form.
– George Khoury / Phat2, Contemporary & Post-Graffiti Artist
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Be part of the NFT revolution!
NFT Stands for Non-Fungible Token. That sounds fun… Gible, George, but what does it really mean?
NFT’s are simple tokens that serve as ownership certificates of the works they represent.
When I “tokenize” my artworks, I turn them into unique digital files that can be owned, collected, and traded.
The results are exchangeable NFT’s that store the value of the pieces of art they represent.
All my NFT’s are sold with their physical counterpart: A signed and numbered limited edition print.
Included with every sale are extras such as rare, high resolution photos/videos from behind the scenes, dedicated sticker packs and more exclusive goodies!
Original Artworks
Experience the result of over a decade worth of intensive urban art practice.
My latest body of work is deeply personal and steers my career in a modern, contemporary direction towards excitingly mature horizons while retaining the essence of the Phat2 style.
The ongoing series is the culmination of the work started in 2017, where I continue my journey towards abstraction, between shadow and light.
This is Post-Graffiti.
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Limited Edition Prints
The classic typography-based Graffiti series everyone knows and loves.
More than 300 different street designs physically painted with passion in various locations across the MENA region and Europe between 2009 and 2020.
All limited editions are printed with top quality, eco-friendly inks on buffered, acid-free 300 GSM Strathmore natural cotton rag paper from a sustainable source.
Fully archival to museum standard.
Hand numbered and signed.
If my original material doesn’t fit your vision, I can be commissioned to make your artistic or commercial projects a reality.
Unhindered by scale or location. Whether indoors or outdoors. And regardless of artistic style, be it classic or modern.
No tool is off the table when it comes to catering to my clients’ needs.
“Everything seems impossible until someone does it”

Contact Me

+961 3 532103